Sunscape Festival



Around the amazing bay of Ramla, in Gozo, Sunscape is another beautiful festival organized between the collaboration of NGO’s  and volunteers.

In a field of sunflowers, at the entrance of the festival, were set up the Healing area and the Satori Vegan kitchen, with right back an open space for recreative activities with children and animators.

Again in the healing area, we found a calm and safe space for the reunion in workshops, talks, meditation, and jamming.

Everything a gift from the organizers to share

The music in three main stages is the constant soundtrack of this event absorbed in nature. Groups of artists from over around come to offer and spend amazing moments, playing high-quality music of different kinds.

All awesome always in these occasions, the connection between people, the collaboration, the landscapes, the sea and the sun, the fun.

There are no words to precisely describe all sensations I experienced.


Earth Garden Festival



It is one of the biggest festival organized in Malta, in the National Park of Ta-Qali.

Surrounded by nature, thanks to the collaboration between groups of NGOs and volunteers, this event is year after year growing and attracting more interested people.

An open air space for all the members of the community, the common theme is the health of our environment, in all the forms possible.

Workshops, talks, games, companies, nice shops, and music are the unmissable occasions offered.

This past year, with teams of volunteers, coordinated by the instructions of my NGO “Why Not?”, I collaborated at the creation of three areas in particular of the Festival.

The Jamming area, a mix of musical instruments left freely at the pleasure of the passing musicians, giving laughs and fun to curious children and the public;

The “Healing area”, the speciality in Why Not?’s house: Setted up to offer to anyone the possibility to show and practise coooool skills like Yoga, dancings, meditations; listen, learn, speak and share knowledge and reflections that enrich our daily life, and again giving everybody the freedom to connect and enjoy ourselves.

Also a pretty shop with the Why Not?’s articles was organised, to finance more and different projects like this ones.

With my Evs group, I had the luck to participate and enjoy this big free social association of people, with many commons goals…like

Have fun and share the Love!


WhyNot? Shop!

How is working at whyNot? Great sir.! I have met so many people and (almost) all of them were kind and lovely. The main point I could really appreciate is that a lot of them are not just interested buying items but have a chat with us is also important, sharing thoughts and laughs. It does not happen in any shop, I would say that WhyNot people and customers are cool, definitely! I like also to think about our incenses, everybody loves them, it is the most sold item, and realizing that incenses work as a bad energy cleaner it makes me feel happy. It is time to say good-bye to WhyNot? Shop, for some reasons Universe wants it to close down soon. What is going on instead of it? Something even better! For me and for many people too I guess, it has been like a second home, a place to grow up and learn. I will bring with me on my path great memories. 

The Veg Box experience

I had a very good time helping out at the Veg Box with Emanuela and Anita. These two amazing women run together a vegetable shop in the midst of Villa Bologna, a beautiful ancient villa placed in Attard. They grow local veggies there, in the fields attached to the shop, all seasonal and organic. When I first met Manu I was full of admiration for her. As a woman for me it’s really important to meet other women who are interested in growing food in a sustainable way and try to make the best for the environment by choosing this kind of job. It’s something completely different and challenging. I took inspiration on what these women are doing with the Veg Box, helping out there made me think other ways of life are possible, working closer to nature and more connected with what we eat, giving our energy to the food we grow. I think is very important to be aware of the food chain and it’s impact in our health and in the world.

I would like to thank Manu and Anita for welcoming us at the shop and share their beautiful energies with us. It is not always easy to run such a special shop, and they always were lovely and full of good vibes. And thanks also for giving the others the opportunity to get local and fresh veggies, and give us the freedom to choose inside this globalized market we are living in.

Bubble 2016

Bubble, an annual festival in Malta, take plase in Ghajn Tuffieha and all profit from the tickets goes to charity, what includes 15% for our organisation. Some of us were in deco tream and some in building team. As a part of deco team, I can say that work was fun.The space was full of positive energy and awesome people. Everybody was working on some small, or big projects to make area look atractive. We made some installation and paint really a lot! The thyme was “Bubble, festival of love” so we prepared many hearts, huge UV cupid and UV tipi, many fluffy clouds, hundrets of flowers cut out of plastic bottles and a dozen more of art pieces. As a member of building team, I must say it was a great opportunity to learn how to create and setting a festival throught recycling materials like wood poles and pallets, fabrics and mattress and the game was done!..but firs of all, the most important ingredient to keep it going so well was the real love among all of us and the great spirit of community which allowed us to work sorrounded by love, gratitute and grateful.

Meeting new people

Last weekend we had the first EVS gathering with the rest of European volunteers here in Malta. We were nineteen people (plus the lovely mentors, Louis and Joe) and the meeting took place in the Archbishop’s Seminary in Rabat. The place is really amazing, we were sorrounded by trees, gardens and flowers in an evironment full of calm and peacefulness. We could enjoy an entire building all for the volunteers (it was also a single room for everybody!) in which we made a lot of activities and learning games. Everybody in the Seminary was really kind to us and the food was plentiful and delicious.

It was nice meeting new volunteers from different countries and speaking with them about their projects and NGOs so we have the oportunity to know more associations in Malta which are giving service to the society as well as we met new international friends. Our mentors also taught us about the maltese culture and showed us some interesenting websites where we can find events, places to go in Malta, activities… and they solved all our doubts regarding EVS rights and duties as our inquiries in general.

Volunteering involves giving, but giving without receiving anything in return, and when you find yourself doing this, you find you’re getting much more than what you give: experience, new skills you never knew you had, a better knowledge of yourself and others… They also told us that many organizations wouldn’t exist without the volunteers and that volunteers often have improved their hosting organizations with their ideas and input. I do not know if this is possible within our organization, but I hope it is.


[On the pic: Paulina from Slovakia, Raúl and me]

A wonderful month

Today is a special day: It’s my birthday 🙂 My first birthday abroad. I’m surrounded by fantastic people and we are living and working together. We collaborate on everything: doing natural building, growing organic food, and much more. I feel really blessed to celebrate this special day with my new European friends.

But I don’t want to speak only about this day, because it is only one day in the whole year, but this month have given to me more happiness moments, and hard and difficult moments too. The point is that we need the second ones to appreciate the fist ones like a fortune, and I must say that all this moments have been provided for all the people I have been meeting and knowing in this month -my maltese partners, my friends, my maltese family (even they belongs to so many countries, I love this diversity )-,  and for the people who support me from Spain and worry by me everyday, bringing love and good wishes – my friends, my family, my parents…-

So, for me, Malta is a new experience, and it brings a lot of sentiments with it, that makes me feel better day by day, and proud with myself to have been taken this excellent decission; a new adventure in my live to open my eyes and my mind.

New chicken coop

Last Monday we’ve been working on a new henhouse at the Why Not? Vortex with one of our mentors, Xavier. He is teaching us lots of things about natural building. There were 2 chickens there already, and later more chickens came to the Vortex, so we needed more space for them. Two weeks ago we’ve made a provisional structure with pallets and left the door of the old henhouse open so the chicken would have free run. The next day, people in the Vortex told us the 2 chicken ran away during the night through the holes of the pallets and they had to chase them in the dark. So funny!

To make the new chicken coop we are using old pipes, bars attached to the ground, some rope, flour (to mark the circle), straps to get the pipes fixed and stones for the wall. Paty and me were collecting and carrying the stones in the wheelbarrow while the boys measured the space and put the pipes into the bars. I think we have work for 2 or 3 weeks more until it’s finalised, as we don’t work in natural building every day of the week, only on Mondays. How will it look like when finished?


The result of our approach to “permaculture” are now visible: they’re still simple,but they can considered as the basic for the beginning of a new development.

In “Vortex”,where our association “Whynot?” has a great area for organic cultivation available, we could learn, thanks to our tutor’s passion and dedication,  the introduction to the organic farming, starting from the essential making and use of the “compost”. It is the result of the oxidation and himidification of a mixture of organic materials we created. It is a suitable base for the sewing, it is rich in nourishing substances and a great way to avoid the disposal or the misure of materials which can be really useful.

We dealt with the sewing of different species of plants and vegetables. Today, after about three weeks, we can see the first, long-awaited results!.

Our first month

It seems that was yesterday when we arrived. I still remember the arrival: it was an amazing moment, where we woke up from a little nap that I really needed after all the night in the airport waiting for the check-in and the boarding. That moment was an intense feeling, a mixture of atonishment, excitement, curiosity and perplexity. I still remember when the clouds moved away and we began to see Malta; the land, the cities, the small cars travelling by roads like thin tapes, the houses and the churches, the paths and the trees, the buildings and the streets, the farming fields; but everything was small since that height, and I was feeling like Gulliver looking and analyzing an unknown world for me, different from anything I have seen before.

The situation wasn’t new; I stayed some years ago in Dublin for fifteen days to study English; but the feeling and the context was new: I knew that this new experience would not be the same, like a game or short one. It would be real, a whole one-year experience working, learning, studying, meeting new people, getting on and sharing new experiences or ways of life with too many new people that I should and wanted to meet.

I was thinking that maybe, this experience may not be the only one abroad in the rest of my life, but I also knew that this one would be leave a deep mark in my life.